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Высокоэффективный двухпоточный воздухоохладитель GADC

DUAL Compact: uniform air distribution in its most elegant form!

Development of the new DUAL Compact air cooler was tailored consistently to suit customer needs and application requirements. The result is a product that, underneath its aesthetic and elegant form, conceals an entire range of application benefits. The latest generation GADC dual discharge air cooler fulfils all requirements as regards modern heat exchangers. The units offer optimised designs for HFC and CO2 as well as 4 mm and 7 mm fin spacing for normal refrigeration and low temperature applications. They also comply with the independently certified Güntner hygiene standard with all of its advantages. And with the option of the integrated condensation water pump, the condensation pipe from the cold room can be installed out of sight in a false ceiling.

The benefits of the DUAL Compact cooler at a glance

  • Optional integrated condensation water pump: invisible condensation pipe for better hygiene and quicker cleaning
  • Continuous tray, hinged on both sides, with captive screws
  • Güntner Hygiene Design + HACCP Certificate
  • Particularly low-draught design available for work rooms
  • Uniform air distribution thanks to optimised air flow
  • Alternative Coil Defender corrosion protection available
  • Up to 80 bar as standard with CO2 units
  • 3-year warranty!
  • Optimised for the relevant fluid: tube and fin geometries provide outstanding performance at reduced tube volumes


Finally, it is gone!

With the optional integrated condensation water pump for the normal cooling range in the new DUAL Compact air cooler, the condensation pipe which is usually laid through the cold room can be installed out of sight in a false ceiling.

This offers numerous benefits for you:
There is no need to dismantle the pipe when regular cleaning is carried out. This makes cleaning not only the units but also the cold room quicker and easier. When laid in a false ceiling, the condensation pipe is also protected against damage, e.g. owing to transport procedures.


Small pump, big Impact

The optional condensation water pump operates according to the rotating membrane principle and therefore requires practically no maintenance.
The condensate is drawn into the pump through a vacuum and transported mechanically under pressure to the outlet.

This system tolerates solid and/or suspended matter and also runs dry without difficulty.
The pump remains almost silent, even when running dry.



Easy installation, quick maintenance and cleaning

All attached parts are easily accessible; flaps and trays can be removed and attached again quickly and easily.
The use of screws has been reduced to a minimum and captive screws have been used where appropriate.
The continuous outer tray can be hinged open from either side; the inner trays too are hinged in order to allow even quicker cleaning.


Güntner Hygiene Design and HACCP Certificate

With properties such as continuous, hinged trays, flush brackets integrated into the casing and 45° tray edges, the design of the Güntner units helps to maintain hygiene in rooms.
The smooth surfaces are easy to clean and all materials are food-safe.
A visual inspection of the entire unit is easily possible.

These properties in combination with further features mean that the air coolers in the GADC family are hygiene-certified in accordance with TÜV Süd’s HACCP concept.




Gentle cooling safeguards health

The DUAL Compact furthermore sets standards for use in processing rooms, with the units available optionally in a special draught-reduced version. After all, the requirements as regards comfort and air distribution are particularly high in work rooms.
Backed by our in-house expertise in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), Güntner can determine the air flow properties of new units much earlier in the development process and optimise these properties accordingly.
With the optional unit type for work rooms, the DUAL Compact is carefully adapted to provide the best working conditions both subjectively and objectively and helps to minimize staff absences.



Alternative Coil Defender corrosion protection available

Both the casing and the tray on the DUAL Compact air coolers come in a corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy as standard; epoxy resin-coated fins are optionally available, too. The optional Coil Defender version is also available. For these compact air coolers, it is an attractive alternative for applications in a slightly aggressive atmosphere where corrosion protection is necessary but a stainless-steel design would be over the top. With its uniform coating over the entire coil, Coil Defender version reliably protects the usual copper/aluminium material combination against corrosion.

The Coil Defender coating too is food-safe and is part of the hygiene certification in accordance with HACCP; the coating can also withstand common cleaning agents.

Up to 80 bar as standard!

The latest generation DUAL air coolers meet all the requirements as regards modern heat exchangers and are designed for use with specific working fluids. The diameters of the core tubes and the materials used, together with the fin geometries, provide the best possible combination of maximum capacity and minimum tube volume.

The units for CO2 applications not only have a heat exchanger which is optimised for CO2 – they are also available with an operating pressure of up to 80 bar as standard.



Large flap, conceals lots

The DUAL Compact air coolers offer further benefits.
These include high quality AC or EC fans for low-noise operation, an empty tube for the defrost sensor, an optional electric defrost heating system which is either installed at the factory or comes as a set for retrofitting and, best of all, a further:
3-year warranty for all units in the GADC family.

What are you waiting for?





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